Jim Byrnes and Mainstreet Muze provide entertainment plus

Being at a Jim Byrnes concert is like being invited into the living room of an old friend. “Sit down, relax. C’mon. I’ll play you a few songs. Think you’ll like them.”  And so it went recently when Byrnes and his superb accompanist, Simon Kendall (Doug & The Slugs) delighted a packed house at the Deep Cove Theatre. It was a fundraiser for First Impressions Theatre in the building Byrnes helped build. It is a marvelous performance space, thanks to Jim and his supporters. Renowned for his deep, heartfelt blues performances, Byrnes also gives you an exciting glimpse into his life meeting the greats of the early Rock ‘n’ Roll era. All given with a kind of “aw shucks” attitude. A history lesson in miniature. The multi Juno award winner provided a lot of the old favourites from his repertoire, and the judging from the audience response, it was exactly what they wanted. He talks openly about his life’s ups and downs, and there is never any rancour in his retelling them. A warm-hearted man, a generous performer with a wonderful talent. You can hear him again at the Chief Sepass Theatre in Fort Langley on March 23rd.
Mainstreet Muze, featuring Babe Gurr opened the show, and listening to this trio is a refreshing reminder that true originality, depth and quality are all to be found in the performers in our own neighbourhoods. Adam Popowitz on guitar and Steve Hilliam on sax are a rich accompaniment to Babe on lead guitar. Her lyrics are always genuine, heartfelt and thought-provoking.  It was the kind of musical evening you hated to leave, but happily you can hear them again, in concert with Jim Byrnes on March 23rd in Fort Langley.
March 23rd 7:30 pm Chief Sepass Theatre (9096 Trattle St.), Fort Langley BC
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Jim Byrnes and Mainstreet Muze have recently released CDs of their work.

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