Daisy Theatre presents Little Dickens in a revamped A Christmas Carol

They’re back!  And they are just as hilarious, outrageous and wonderfully zany as ever.  It’s Ronnie Burkett and his team of marionettes bringing you Little Dickens: “A Christmas Carol” unlike anything you’ve ever seen (or heard) before.  It’s irreverent, it’s slightly over the top, and it packs a Christmas Cracker punch!  Dismal Diva Esme (Scrooge) Massengil, (Tiny Tim) Schnitzel, and a troop of celebrants and misfits light up the stage at The Historic Cultch as Ronnie Burkett puts his players through their holiday paces.  It’s fast-paced, funny, hilarious (of course) and surprisingly touching, ending as it does with a beautiful rendition of “In The Deep MidWinter” sung by Burkett in a warm baritone. Burkett’s maronettes are incredibly life-like, even though you can see their master working his craft throughout the entire show.  Add the newcomers as unwitting participants and this becomes a show that involves everyone.  There’s also a “Deck the Halls” sing-along where the audience becomes part of the action. This is fresh, this is funny, this is insightful — this is Daisy Theatre!  It’s at The Cultch until December 22nd!  I’d recommend seeing it twice because it’s guaranteed you’ll be laughing so hard you’ll have missed some of the great lines the first time around.»
One of the geniuses of the world…seeing his troupe every few years has just become a necessity of civilized theatre going” — The Village Voice (NY)

8:00 p.m. Nightly Tuesday through Sunday to December 22. Ages 16 and up only.
The Historic Cultch, 1895 Venables
Tickets: tickets.thecultch.com 


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